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  • Apple E Juice Flavors
    31 Products
    Apple E Juice Flavors

    There are multiple ways to introduce the apple flavor into your vape juice. It may be used as the core flavor or to just give you that crisp, warm undertone. 

  • Apricot E Juice Flavors
    It is the same as when you are prepping a meal: it won't be complete without the full ingredients. Apricot is an additive used to give a flavor full of succulent, citrus nectar.
  • Banana E Juice Flavors
    Banana can be used in a custard based liquid to give it that extra flavor or it may be used to provide a mellow undertone taste to a more fruit based e-juice. So whether you are a vape lover who enjoys the taste of a nice banana smoothie or want the taste of some delicious banana bread, you will find something created just for you.
  • Beverage E Juice Flavors
    Quench your thirst with the delicious selection of beverage flavored e juices. From lemonade to iced tea. Hell, we even have soda for you!
  • Blackberry E Juice Flavors
    Not generally used as your core flavor, blackberry is a great additive used in most tropical smoothie or cream based combinations. From mixed berry smoothies to lemonade to yogurts, we have it all.
  • Blueberry E Juice Flavors
    You can find blueberry e-juice in many mixed berry and pastry flavored products. Blueberry is generally used to give a true and real enhancement to any base foundation. While the flavor itself is never overpowering, the addition of this flavor is what can truly bring together and finalize all flavor combinations.
  • Bubble Gum E Juice Flavors

    Bubble Gum flavors have found quite a niche in the vape community. It fits great as an additive that brings sweetness to e liquid, but also has a candy component that can’t be mistaken. With the bubble gum craze on the rise, we will be seeing many more e juices taking advantage of this flavor!

  • Cake E Juice Flavors

    The cake flavor provides the vapor with a sense of having a bakery in a bottle. Cake e-juice is a crucial additive when attempting to satisfy any sweet tooth. With having so many endless combinations, every vapor is bound to find a flavor that they will love.

  • Candy E Juice Flavors
    63 Products
    Candy E Juice Flavors
    Vapors now have the opportunity to have their favorite candy right in their tank. From sour to sweet or apple to strawberry. The possibilities are infinite. Leave the candy stores to the children and say hello to candy flavored e juice.
  • Cantaloupe E Juice Flavors
    Cantaloupe flavored juice is a great additive used to provide that sweet, juicy melon flavor to any tropical mix. The subtle hint of cantaloupe may also be incorporated to give the vapor a refreshing exhale.
  • Caramel E Juice Flavors

    This rich flavor is excellent when combined with just about anything! It can turn an average vape into something you just can’t put down once you have started.

  • Cereal E Juice Flavors
    Cereal e juice is a very flexible flavor. For instance, you can find an abundance of cereal based juices combined with fruitier liquids, but you can also find cinnamon-based, as well as peanut butter combinations. With so many cereals out there in the world, it isn't surprising to find a large quantity and multiple variations for our breakfast loving vapors!
  • Cherry E Juice Flavors
    Can we get a Cherry on top? With these e liquids they did just that! An perfect addition to tie a complex flavor together or to garnish an already perfected one!
  • Cinnamon E Juice Flavors
    The perfect additive to any e liquid, cinnamon give extraordinary flavor when used in the right quantities.
  • Citrus E Juice Flavors

    Experience the explosion of citrus tang when you chose this style of vape! Bringing a refreshing twist to any flavor composition it comes in contact with. Great during warm weather and always a good choice for a night on the town!

  • Coconut E Juice Flavors
    Coconut e-juice is brought into the mixture to add a hint of tropical zing to a variety of different flavors. The burst of flavor upon exhale will leave you feeling as if you were relaxing on the beach sipping straight from the coconut.
  • Coffee E Juice Flavors
    Blended with a variety of combinations such as, blueberries for the entire breakfast experience, or vanilla to transport you directly inside your favorite coffee shop, coffee e-juice will not leave the coffee lovers disappointed.
  • Cream E Juice Flavors
    62 Products
    Cream E Juice Flavors

    Cream has been a staple additive since the beginning of the vape industry. It adds both smoothness and volume when it comes to the breakdown of flavor profiles. It is one of the flavors that goes with just about anything and its versatility is taken advantage of when it comes to E Juice.

  • Custard E Juice Flavors
    Custard e liquid is the base foundation for all creamy-filled goodness. The rich, smooth inhale leaves the vapor satisfied while additives leave them feeling rejuvenated with each exhale. Being such an adaptable base gives mixologists plenty of room to play with an assortment of variations and blends.
  • Dessert E Juice Flavors
    Cookies, ice cream, and smores galore! Dessert lovers can now rejoice in the heaven that is this vaping experience! These tastes are more than sufficient enough to conquer the highest of all sweet tooths.
  • Donut E Juice Flavors
    Breakfast on the go! Just kidding, you should still eat your breakfast...BUT you should also treat yourself to the delight of your favorite morning baked good: donut e juice! Combined with not just the top core flavors such as: blueberries and strawberries, but also with coffee or even ice cream, this treat will be able to a little pep in your step on any early morning.
  • Dragon Fruit E Juice Flavors

    Dragon fruit e-juice: for those who have a more exotic palate. Don't be sucked into the illusion. The taste may have you feeling as if you are in the fruit's native land of Central America, but reality will come back to you upon that first exhale. 

  • Fruit E Juice Flavors
    62 Products
    Fruit E Juice Flavors
    Fruit flavored e juice consists of top core flavors such as: strawberries, apples, bananas, blueberries, etc. However, for those wanting to dip their toes in something fresh and new, you may also find tastes that have combinations containing blackberry, coconut, guava, etc. The result is that everyone walks away serene and satisfied.
  • Granola E Juice Flavors

    Granola adds a strong base to any e-juice it gets added too. Often combined with a fruit flavor granola adds a richness to the flavor profile to balance out some of the stronger fruit flavors.

  • Grape E Juice Flavors
    Grape is a crucial additive when creating a mixed berry flavored juice, but you may also find it in flavors such as soda, candy, custard, even bubble gum! Different combinations to please different palates.
  • Guava E Juice Flavors
    Guava e juice has a unique and tasteful flavor. It is incorporated to cater to those who are in search of a true exotic taste. Prep for your trip to Bora Bora with the exhilarating taste of guava.
  • Honey E Juice Flavors

    Honey is an amazing additive! Not only does it enhance the sweetness of a flavor, but it also adds a flavor undertone that can really bring a vape to life!

  • Honeydew E Juice Flavors
    No need to be overwhelmed by the taste in your tank. Honeydew e-liquid gives a nice undertone flavor that is mellow, smooth, and overall pleasing to the consumer. Lay back and relax with this peaceful combination.
  • Ice Cream E Juice Flavors
    The luxurious velvety taste brought to you in cloud form. Doesn't matter if you like it fruity, chocolaty, nutty, or all three combined! If you have a fondness for sweets, then there is a taste for you.
  • Kiwi E Juice Flavors
    Another taste found on the more exotic side, kiwi ejuice will hit you with a burst of tropical goodness like no other. Always combined, never the sole foundation, you will surprised with where you will find this delicious addition.
  • Lemon E Juice Flavors
    12 Products
    Lemon E Juice Flavors
    For the lovers of classics, you can find lemon ejuice in a variety of different lemonade blends. Say whaaat? Yes, I know. However, lemon is not used only for the satisfying of thirst. It is quite a versatile juice that can play many different roles and provide different outcomes when combined accordingly. You may also find it in a selection of dessert or custard based combos like creme brulee.
  • Lemonade E Juice Flavors
    Getting ready for the summertime? Perhaps you're just missing those warm summer days while suffering through the cold that is called winter? No need to fear, through the power of vaping, we can provide an almost realistic experience of one sipping a nice, ice cold glass of lemonade right from the tank. You can enjoy the classical versions or indulge in a more fruity, tropical, or mixed berry blend. The choice is yours.
  • Mango E Juice Flavors
    Mango is a very powerful flavor to be reckoned with. The sweet, juicy taste is made to never fully satisfy, but to leave you coming back for more. Mixology brings mango together with an assortment of diverse flavors to create what can only be described as the tropics in a bottle.
  • Marshmallow E Juice Flavors
    This awesome sweet treat has done a great job at bringing amazing flavors to life! Good on its own or paired with others this is an excellent start for any vapor!
  • Melon E Juice Flavors
    Succulent, sweet, and ultimately juicy. You won't ever have to worry about an taste too overpowering when you get an e juice that contains the delicious flavor of melon.
  • Menthol E Juice Flavors
    Menthol flavored eliquid offers a taste that is so cool and refreshing, you will feel as if you were breathing ice. The satisfaction is truly found in the exhale that leaves your throat with a fresh, chilled tingle. With an excess of options, you have the ability to experience this revitalizing experience in an abundance of different ways.
  • Milk E Juice Flavors
    29 Products
    Milk E Juice Flavors
    The taste of milk can be used to either enhance that of your favorite breakfast flavored e juices or simply to give you the delightful taste of a delicious drink. Either way, this is one key ingredient to completing your ultimate vape experience.
  • Milk Shake E Juice Flavors
    Milkshake flavored vape juice provides a cloud form replica of your favorite combinations: ice cream with fruit, chocolate, nuts, and/or everything else in between. Treat your taste buds to heavenly, smooth, velvety taste of your favorite dessert.
  • Nuts E Juice Flavors
    These are for the individuals who can’t dwell without a little saltiness in their life. Nut flavored ejuice brings to life your favorite bite-sized snacks and candies that you’d be nuts to miss out on.
  • Orange E Juice Flavors
    Orange eliquid is created to provide the vape user with the zing that they are looking for. Start your day off right with a bottle of freshly squeezed oranges, puff on your favorite citrus-y smoothie, or enjoy the taste of your favorite childhood popsicle.
  • Papaya E Juice Flavors
    A sweet summertime flavor, papaya e-juice produces a pleasantly sweet undertone with a soft, creamy consistency with each inhale. Upon exhale, the consumer will be left with quite the aromatic cloud, leaving the surrounding area smelling of the tropical islands.
  • Pastry E Juice Flavors
    Baked goods everywhere! This collection of e juices all have a little baked delight in them! They range from both fruity to dessert style liquids.
  • Peach E Juice Flavors
    12 Products
    Peach E Juice Flavors
    Mix it with your favorite smoothie flavorings and you are in for a definite treat. Get a taste of your favorite sour ring candies. So succulent and sweet; peach e-juice tastes as if you just picked it fresh from your grandmother's garden.
  • Pear E Juice Flavors

    Most flavor profiles that include pear bring an exceptional smoothness and light sweetness that makes for an exceptional vape.

  • Pie E Juice Flavors
    3 Products
    Pie E Juice Flavors
    It may not top your grandmother's secret recipe, but pie flavored e liquid comes in at a close second on this one. If you'd rather vape your pie than eat it, then this is the section for you.
  • Pineapple E Juice Flavors
    Enhance your vape experience with a tropical splash of pineapple! The tanginess you require with the relaxation you desire.
  • Plum E Juice Flavors
    Vaping plum flavored e liquid gives you the reminiscent of biting into a plump, juicy plum after a long day of playing in the hot summer heat. Enjoy the sweetness of the fruit, with a dash of tanginess for the skin. Fruit fanatics go wild!
  • Pomegranate E Juice Flavors
    Pomegranate ejuice is so captivating with it's true-to-taste flavor. Top pick for a genuine fruit lover. Enjoy the delivery that captures the classic taste of a sweet, smooth pomegranate.
  • Popcorn E Juice Flavors
    Indulge in your favorite movie theater snack with the delightful taste of sweet, buttery popcorn!
  • Popsicle E Juice Flavors
    Popsicle flavored e juice provides you with the perfect summertime cool-down without having to deal with the frustration of sticky messiness. The sweet, luscious, and icy inhale shows that any day can be a summer's day with the help of a popsicle flavored e-liquid.
  • Raspberry E Juice Flavors
    A puff of raspberry e-liquid will have you singing to a whole different tune. Move out of the way, strawberries. It's Raspberry Fields Forever, now. Not only do you get the sweet and savory taste that fruit fanatics rave for, but you also receive a chilled, frosty sensation that leaves you feeling refreshed and pumped up. Step out of your comfort zone and get hyped on raspberry e-juice!
  • Soda E Juice Flavors
    Soda flavors have been at the forefront of flavor mimicking since they were first introduced. These e liquids do an excellent job at bringing you exactly what your looking for when it comes to any of the sodas that you love!
  • Tobacco E Juice Flavors
    Tobacco flavored ejuice has grown in variation as the vape industry has gotten larger. Originally associated with a singular flavor, "tobacco" now represents a larger category of flavor profiles based on the style and location of specific strains. This opened up a world of possibilities for juice makers to really experiment with whats possible for tobacco e liquids.
  • Tropical E Juice Flavors
    Tropical e liquids bring out the fruity side of things, while hitting notes of citrus that vapors have come to associate as refreshing. Often including multiple tropical fruits, these e juices can be very complex. They tend to offer subtle nuances of flavor that an experienced palate will enjoy.
  • Vanilla E Juice Flavors

    A traditional flavor additive that was bound to find its way into e juice. E liquid can be complex and simple all at once and this flavor is no different. Vanilla, even with its decisive flavor, is able to bring range to flavor profiles thanks to its sweetness.

  • Watermelon E Juice Flavors
    Watermelon has come to be one of the most popular flavors in the vaping industry. Due to its ability to add sweetness to almost any e-juice, watermelon is easily among the top ten industry used flavors. You can expect to find a subtle hint of sugary sweetness that is never overpowering whenever a watermelon shows up!
  • Yogurt E Juice Flavors
    Yogurt is a key part in many e juices and often bringing together flavors that would otherwise be over powering when paired. Yogurt flavors give a smooth hit that brings hints of cream to complex e liquid flavors. It can help diversify flavor profiles on both the inhale and exhale.
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